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Bridge of Hope Global (B.O.H.G)

Bridge of Hope Global (B.O.H.G) is a 501c3 non profit organization that focuses on the development and advancement of impoverished communities and developing countries. B.O.H.G provides short term employment, specifically for the Village of Musamba, in Kenya (East Africa). What makes B.O.H.G different from the average non profit is the unique fact that it does not provide manual labor. That's right! The organization specifically provides employment to the community upon arrival, ensuring economic growth in the community and community empowerment. 


Every home, chicken coop, and water well that has been developed has been based on BOHG employing locals to do it. It's in the name, Bridge! This organization was not created to merely do good, but be a bridge giving people the opportunity to be what they need for their community. This is the epitome of, "being the change you want to see". 

The work continues, by way of annual and monthly donors who partner with various projects and concerns. 

More recently the organization has embarked upon a huge vision and that's "The Hope Village". Land is owned by the organization and it's first school is being developed now. 


Your partnership increases not only the work of the "Hope Village" but also monthly food supply, clothing, medical expenses, and teacher's stipends.

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