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Fashion, Image and Style, have always been a huge love for Frederick. Working in Fashion retail for many years, he would see the dissatisfaction of consumers while being limited in their clothing desires due to limited sizing. Being raised in a family full of plus size divas, you could only imagine the commentary that took place.


It was based on these scenarios that began to give life to the inception of BeFrederized Boutique. He started off by simply asked a question. “What’s your biggest issue when it comes to clothing for you?” Surprisingly the response was consistently the same. “It doesn’t make me feel good”, “It makes me feel bigger than I really am” or “It doesn’t make me feel free” and “It’s just not me”.


...Being fruitful in a famine, This 2020 pandemic has created a lot of unfortunate challenges and losses for Frederick and many. However, in the midst of God has plans to give birth to a dream. BeFrederized Boutique is the manifestation of that dream. Choosing to USE what could have and should have been a negative, has been the tread that has woven this all together.


From what was just a vision, dream, or words on a paper has now become the reality of what you see here. This is what prayer, preparation, planning and faith in motion can create. This is what happens because of his trusted God.


The birthing has taken place and the release is now!!


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