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Music & Ministry

Frederick J. Dukes Jr., a multi-talented National/International recording artist, composer, musician, hairstylist and now boutique owner. An innovative and exceptionally creative, energetic and spirit-filled individual are just a few words to describe his work and spiritual walk. Frederick, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania developed a heart for Music, Hair and Fashion at a very young age. Soon after this development he began to feel the very hand of God shape and mold his talents, while giving him direction in many of these areas. Knowing he has been called to this sacred platform he began sharpening his gifts and perfect his craft to carry out his prophetic assignment to reach the masses through music and ministry .


Frederick J. Dukes Jr., has been highly credited around the world, for his ability and gift in conveying the Gospel through song. When he realized his gift as a worshipper and the impact that it had on people, he knew God’s anointing was on his life. He is certainly one, that’s been plucked out by the hand of God, to operate in the uplifting and deliverances of the “total man” in the world.


From Frederick J. Dukes, Jr.

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